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Mmmkay. Let's try something different, then.

For the rest of this month, please post drabbles for any previous challenge that got no responses.

Some of the more recent of these are:

  • A character is talking to a member of the opposite sex. The topic of discussion is either food or religion.
  • Pick a character. Write two drabbles about said character: one in which he does something good, one in which he does something bad. Bonus points if you link them somehow.
  • An unknown friend.
  • Two men. One window. A clock is striking.
  • Playing a word game. Any sort, any interpretation.
  • This picture.
  • "Mea culpa"
  • Pick a character. Think of something they would surely never do or say. Write a ficlet in which they do or say that thing, making it as plausible as you can.
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