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Gleams Which Pass

yet another fanfic challenge

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Welcome to Gleams Which Pass, a Les Misérables fanfiction community. Once a week, a writing challenge will be posted; it will then be up to the members to complete it and post the resulting fics to the community. Typically, these challenges will be for drabbles -- stories of exactly 100 words -- but this is not set in stone.


Slash is fine; so are het and gen. Adult fic is fine, but please use a cut tag and warning when posting anything you would rate above PG-13. Fluffy, dark, serious, humorous, all are okay; however, please refrain from posting anything involving Gundam Wing characters, blatant anachronisms, or anything more suited to a Saturday morning cartoon than to a ponderous French novel. Unless, of course, that's what the challenge calls for ;)

Spellcheck, capitalize properly, don't flame the other members, and refrain from off-topic posts. Other than that, have fun!

You can suggest a challenge here if one occurs to you.


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